Website Development from Inception to Completion

The fast paced digital movement of today requires all businesses to establish an online presence. Websites are now the first point of entry for your customers. Website design and development is no longer as simple as just having an online presence. It also requires focus on optimization, user experience, functionality and social media integration among other attributes. This will ensure that you reach your market ahead of your competitors.

OV Graphics has been involved in Website Design and Development projects for a wide range of clients covering small home businesses to government organizations and large corporate organizations.

Website Design and Development Platforms

CreAFrica makes use of market leading platforms for our Website Design and Development services. We assist with choosing the right platform for you based on what you intend to achieve out of your website. Website Design and Development projects are unique and one should consider the following before choosing a platform;

  • Project budget requirements
  • Functionality requirements
  • Scalability
  • Security

No two content management systems (CMS) or platforms are the same. It is important to carefully consider the long term effects that a CMS or platform might have on a project before making a decision. Our experts at OV Graphics will carefully analyze your requirements and help you make an informed decision.